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Study at HELMo for an international project (Erasmus or other exchange programme).
On this page the procedures to apply as well as the different study programmes, can be found.

Exchange Students Application procedure

  • Your nomination must be sent by your home university to the departmental coordinator of the chosen programme at HELMo (Name + last name + study field + study period), before  1st June for the Fall semester and before 1st December for the Spring semester. !!!!Due to Covid-19, the nomination's deadline will be  15th June for the Fall semester!!!!
  • After receipt of your nomination, the departmental coordinator will send you the Erasmus application form. You have to send it back to him/her.
  • You will receive an acceptance letter after receipt of the application form (within three weeks).
  • HELMo requires the Learning Agreement (LA) before the beginning of the Erasmus stay. This has to be approved by the departmental coordinators in both institutions.

Study programmes for Exchange students

BE CAREFUL our study programmes are in French (B1 level required).

Teaching department: http://elearning.helmo.be/course/view.php?id=3810#section-2
Contact for the learning agreement: Martine Wilmots

Social department here.
Contact for the learning agreement: Delphine T'Serstevens and Marc Mossoux

Fashion design department here.
Contact for the learning agreement: Dominique Thonnard

Business department:  Possibility of a full English programme during the Fall semester (30ECTS)
Contact for the learning agreement: Léticia Lemaire (International Business, Marketing, Accounting, Insurance, Management, Computing, International Cooperation), Jean-Pierre Schils (Management Assistant) and Pieter Jans (Law),

Engineering department: Please contact Olivier Praz

Full program

You would like to take a full program at HELMo please click here.